Museumsquartier Wien
Lyon 2003
Gizeh 2003
Noerdlingen 2006
Luminale 2008
Pittsburgh 2008
Tampa 2009
Cologne 2004
Camp 2007
Grand Central 2006

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When Friedrich Foerster and Sabine Weissinger met in the mid-nineties this was the starting point of a merger of experiences and interests, which led to the ever since lasting development of light art projects, in the main results architectural projections.

Casa Magica’s artistic approach is situational. Form and function, the context of history, present meaning or expected future of a building or urban space, special occasions and virulent themes are elements taken into consideration in the process of creation. Therefore from its very roots each work is unique and exclusively dedicated to one site.

The predominant medium is large format projection, specifically combined with the idea of adjusting the projected image precisely to the existing architecture. Thus in contrast to using architecture just as a more or less suitable screen, projected images and built space merge deliberately in order to manifest the nightly metamorphosis of buildings and urban spaces.

The generated results oscillate between the poles of direct artistic commentation of the existing structures and a complete illusionistic transformation of architecture.

Casa Magica’s work ranges from the creation of still sculptural sceneries to the development of complex animated sequences and shows, synchronized to music and eventually integrating life performances.