Albert Roussel, Suite # 2
visualization for concert of Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen
directed by Ariane Matiakh
Museum Night Heidenheim
video architectual projection at the Carriage Museum Hellenstein Castle
loop 6 min
curated by Dr. Sabine Heilig

LUNA Leeuwarden, NL
still image architectural projection animated via Augmented-Reality-App
curated by Andrea Moeller
produced by Stichting Media Art Friesland
In memoriam Christoph Scheiner SJ
video architectural projection at Reduit Tilly/Klenzepark
loop 6,5 minutes
curated by Bettina Pelz
produced by Stadtwerke Ingolstadt, Luminous ArGe
© visuals integrated:
„Ten Years of Solar Dynamics Observatory“ by
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO;
drone animation and „Le Petit Prince“ by Sophie Fink

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
stage video projections
directed by Enrico Urbanek
stage design and costume Sibylle Schulze
played by inclusive ensemble of
Theater Reutlingen
a production of the Theater Reutlingen
in cooperation with BAFF
Staying... Trails to Grafeneck
media contributions to stage design and costume
(IPads, street ballad image walls, portrait photography)
outdoor theatre project of Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne
in 25 cities in Baden-Württemberg
direction: Enrico Urbanek
costumes: Sibylle Schulze
music: Michael Schneider
project management: Maximilian Tremmel
performer: inclusive ensemble of Theater Reutlingen
produced by Verein Theater Reutlingen die Tonne e.V.
in cooperation with BAFF a.m.o.
Augmented Reality Exhibition
National Library Riyadh
German Cultural Days
November 8 - 16, 2019
organized by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
SIGNS & WAVES, fine art prints, videos
SIGNS & VOICES, fine art prints, videos
SIGNS & TUNES, enameled plates, videos
GENIUS LOCI, fine art prints
FLAKES, 3D nylon prints

"Melancholy of Loss"
augmented painting video 8 minutes
Carola Dewor:
painting, performing, text, voice

open air shrovetide theatre
of Schwyz Japanese Association

video architectural projection
author: Roger Bürgler
director: Urs Kündig
music: David Bürgler
committee president: Karl Schönbächler
overall production: kulturwerk.ch
production of projection: Starlight Events
drone-animation: Sophie Fink

video architectural projection,25 minutes
concept, direction, visual design
Stephan Boehme - composition, sound design
Sophie Fink - character animation
David Liske/Adnan Almedouar (double)
Adalbert Sedlmeier, Oliver Moumouris
Heiner Kondschak, Aaron Hohberger
Robert Atzlinger, Nora Vladiguerov
voice actors:
Jo Jung, Nathalie Karanfilovic
production: Starlight Events
technics: AUVISO

LUX Festival Wellington, NZ
video projection on waterscreen
3 minutes loop

mentoring visualization
of Claude Debussy‘s orchestral work
by pupils of Isolde-Kurz-Gymnasiums RT
live concerts by Württembergischen Philharmonie Reutlingen
Stadthalle RT
directed by Shiyeon Sung
educational supervision:
Magdalena Deigendesch, Sarah Potratz, Anika Györi,Wolfhard Witte

State Horticultural Show Lahr
augmented reality installation
19 enameled plates with AR-video


International Light Art Biennial Hildesheim
video architectural projection at building of Volksbank
5 minutes loop
festival directed by Klaus Wilhelm
curated by Bettina Pelz

video architectural projection at Federal Palace, Bern, 25 minutes
concept, direction, visual design
with team:
Stephan Boehme - composition, sound design
Hartung & Trenz - typographic animation
Marcel Rathgeber - machine animation
Sophie Fink - danse macabre animation
Robert Atzlinger, David Liske, Chrysi Taoussanis - gesture play
Ulrike Härter  - soprano
Juri de Marco - flugelhorn
Ulrich Franz, Frido Hohberger, Ulrike Pfeil - handwriting
production: Starlight Events
technics: AUVISO

"Baroque Light"
St. Catherine’s Church Frankfurt
illumination of ceiling recollecting its painting of the 1680s
colored hand drawing:Frido Hohberger
in occasion of a festive concert by Kantorei St. Katharinen with Bach-Collegium Frankfurt
direction: Michael Graf Münster
a gift from Cronstett- und Hyspergische evangelische Stiftung zu Frankfurt am Main

"re4mation" Heidelberg
video on three screens for dance and music performance
at Church of the Holy Spirit
production, direction, choreography: Unterwegstheater Heidelberg, Jai Gonzales and Bernhard Fauser

"What times were those" in the former textile factory Heinzelmann
a farewell to its interim premises by the Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne
directed by Enrico Urbanek
Swimming Pool installation with still image projection
Changing Room installation with video and color lighting
video architectural projection on Hotel Four Seasons Le Bergues
sound design by Stephan Boehme
technical services by Skynight
produced by La Ville de Genève
artistic festival director: Julien Pavillard - Congo Bleu

LUNA Festival Leeuwarden, NL
outdoor video installation in an alleyway
curated by Andrea Moeller

Art on the Streets, Colorado Springs
1 year public art exhibit at Transit Center
LAYAR augmented-reality-app reveals animation and
sound of enameled plates

CURRENTS New Media Festival SANTA FE
"SIGNS & TUNES" at Museo Cultural
enameled plates & AR video
"FINISTÉRE" at "Form & Concept"

moving video projection, 3D-prints
a site specific edition of VISUAL ORCHESTRA
tunes composed by Fried Dähn
played by Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen
LumEnActive system and program by Stefan Rapp
at PFLUG GmbH, Gomaringen
2015... "WALL STREAM"
Night of Culture Reutlingen
AR (Augmented Reality)
video visualisations of instrumental music emerge from smoothly lit-up buildings
composed by Friedemann Dähn
played by soloist of the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen

Exhibition at Kunstverein Aalen
videos, sculptures,
augmented-reality works,
dynamic light installation,
fine art prints,
project documentations
2015... "Sharp Edged Sound Spheres"
Adelaide Festival/BLINC
dynamic audiovisual installation all around Adelaide Festival Hall
solo cello tunes by Fried Dähn
curated by Craig Morrison and Joel Cockrill
produced by Adelaide Festival Corporation
2014... "Transcendent Flow"
GLOW Eindhoven
dynamic audiovisual installation with organ music by Boëllmann, Barber, Messiaen
produced by PANI and Pronorm

"Odor Balsami"
Abbey Church Otterberg
visual concert of medieval organa and "Scent-Signs" by Karlheinz Stockhausen
Ensemble ORDO VIRTUTUM, conducted by Stefan Johannes Morent
produced by VIA MEDIAEVAL, Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz

"Sound Spheres"
video architectural projection at 71 Garfield Building
10 minutes loop
produced by Midtown Detroit Inc., supported by Zachary & Associates

Exhibition at Kunstverein Noerdlingen
videos, sculptures, fine art prints, enamelled plates and outdoor projection with augmented-reality (AR) videos

"Sound Spheres - virtual / real"
showcased by CAMP International” Festival for Visual Music
ARTORT 2013 - Heidelberg
Castle and Hortus Palatinus
“Yon light is not day-light, I know it”
audiovisual installation, dynamic 340° video projection
and analogue still architectural projection at the Powder Turret

Cologne Cathedral
Eucharistic Congress 2013
animated audio-visual installation
concert with Winfried Bönig/organ and Kölner Vokalsolisten

"Shed sound spheres"
edition of a synesthetic work in progress for LICHT UND VIDEO KUNST FESTIVAL, Shedhalle Tübingen
videoloop on 2 monitors, 4 minutes
protagonists of form to sound: trees, night sky, shedhall, clouds
protagonists of sound to form: cello (Fried Dähn), vibraphone (Dizzy Krisch), nightingale, mosquito
"Emergence" - LUX Helsinki
Cathedral on Senate Square
dynamic architectural projection and lighting
10 minutes sound-synchronized loop
produced by Sun Effects Oy
commissioned by the City of Helsinki

"Frida - a Kahlography"
video scenography
stage setting by Ilona Lenk
directed by Enrico Urbanek
Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne
Canal Convergence Scottsdale AZ
still image architectural projection
commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art
equipped by Pani/Atlas Specialty Lighting

"Digital Decalcomania"
Pinakothek der Moderne Munich
Long Night of Museums
audio-visual installation
produced by Data Media One with Pani Projection & Lighting GmbH

100 Years Gustav-Siegle-Haus Stuttgart
dynamic architectural projection, audio-visual installation
a cooperation of Cultural Council of the State Capital Stuttgart, Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, Jazzclub BIX and Gallery KUNSTBEZIRK

black box video installation
"Digital Decalcomania" and still image architectural projection "Pietra Dura"
curated by Dr. Sabine Heilig / Kunstverein Noerdlingen

LICHTSTROEME  -  Art Forms of Nature
BUGA Festival 2012 Koblenz
"Think Tank"
animated architectural projection at the Electoral Palace
curated by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll

Blue Night Nuernberg
"The Beautiful Ring"
animated 180° projection and dynamic lighting on Hauptmarkt
Music: Mozart, Piano Concert # 23, Adagio
produced by Pani Projection & Lighting GmbH with Pronorm bv
Video scenography on the site of the new communal concert hall Reutlingen
Cooperation with Theatre Reutlingen Die Tonne,
Ev. Church RT
Stage director: Enrico Urbanek
Choirmaster: Eckhard Weyand
"Patient II"
architectural and dynamic video projection at a decrepit house in the tanner district of Noerdlingen

"Patient I"
audio-visual installation
in "Connectings" exhibition by Kunstverein Noerdlingen in the Municipal Museum July 1 - Nov 6, 2011

"Sky Robe" - Cathedral of the Virgin Mary,  Linz
in occasion of the Night of Churches in Austria
animated indoor projection with organ improvisations
by W. Kreuzhuber, R. Jungwirth, H. Reknagel
ARTORT 2010 - Heidelberg
„Heidelberg PA“
(Peripheric Aspects/Pennsylvania)
animated video installation synchronized to „The Rapids“ by Oregon
produced by UnterwegsTheater Heidelberg
HORUS-Tempel in EDFU
Sound & Light Show
Artistic Direction, Production, Visual Design
with Team:
Stephan Boehme - composition, sounddesign
Siegfried Buehr, Oliver Moumouris - dramaturgy, text
Bernhard Hoefert - light design
Matthias Strobel - light programming
Prof. Dr. Dieter Kurth - scientific consultancy
Production and technical installation in Egypt: HORIZON, Cairo
Wael Gouda - project management
Toon Thellier and Manfred Weigl - engineering consultancy
Client: MISR Company for Sound, Light and Cinema

„Rotation“ - Bergen, Norway
animated large format projections synchronized to prelude from Holberg Suite by Edvard Grieg
and atmospheric interior design of former shipyard building Arenum
in occasion of CIMAC Congress
lighting operator: Matthias Strobel; projection technic provider: Peter Rezac; producer: Buero Wien
G 20 Summit Pittsburgh
Animated projection show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center
produced by Art Lumiere

ARTORT 09 - Heidelberg
„The Farewell“ from „ The Song of the Earth“ by Gustav Mahler
animated large format projections in the Church of the Holy Spirit,
synchronized to soundtrack
produced by UnterwegsTheater Heidelberg (Bernhard Fauser, Jai Gonzales: direction and dance choreography)

National Gallery London
architectural projections on occasion of the exhibition
sponsored by Credit Suisse, produced by Pani/Austria with LCI/London

„Revamp Fort Brooke“

architectural projection
An original work commissioned for Lights On Tampa, a public/private partnership
and a program of the City of Tampa, Art Programs Division


Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh
in occasion of Festival of Lights Pittsburgh, PA
produced by ArtLumiere

Austrian Theatre Museum Vienna
Architectural projection for exhibition „SCHEIN WERFEN“
curated by Wolfgang Greisenegger and Tadeusz Krzeszowiak

OUT OF PARADISE - Aestival Theatre Tuebingen
Projection stage design
Concept and script: Siegfried Buehr, Oliver Moumouris
Direction: Siegfried Buehr
Music: Susanne Hinkelbein
produced by Theater Lindenhof Melchingen

Austria Center Wien
IFA Congress - supporting programme
animated projection for live performance
produced by: Buero Wien

„Main Embankment“ Luminale Frankfurt
architectural projection at the former wholesale market, future headquarter of European Central Bank
sponsors: European Central Bank, Pani/Austria
event engineering on site: Light Express, Hasselroth


GLOW: Forum of Light in Art and Architecture Eindhoven NL
Architectural projections on two opposite sides of a high-rise apartment building

KlangLichtRaum Bebenhausen Abbey
architectural projections in the cloister for an ambulatory concert
director: Frank Schlichter
instrumental musician: Tango Komplott
light design for choir performance in summer refectory: Holger Herzog

European Congress of Cardiology, Wien
opening ceremony
in cooperation with Pit Eitle, produced by Büro Wien

International Festival of Visual Music
at Wuerttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
„Shaped Surface“ visual concert with Anja Fuesti, Paul Hubweber, Ricardo Caballero
„Undergrowth“ interactive audiovisual installation with Fried Daehn and Michael Hieke
„Stammheim revisited“ projection on orginal „Stammheim“ by Olaf Metzel, 1984


„The Grand Central Kaleidoscope“
New York, Grand Central Terminal
Holiday Season 2006
7 minutes animated large format and gobo projections
synchronized to soundtrack
produced by ArtLumiere


Sculpture de Lumière, Genève
architectural projection
Crédit Agricole building
produced by Arts Opera Promotion and Cité Lumière Production


„Images of Light“, Kunstverein Noerdlingen e.V.
architectural projections and
exhibition in the Reihl'sches Haus


World Congress of Cardiology, Barcelona
opening ceremony
in cooperation with Pit Eitle


„Musterhaus“, Luminale Frankfurt
architectural projections
supported by Pani/Austria


City Hall Vienna, Ceremony Hall
Waltz - Amadeus - Elisabeth - The Third Man
animated indoor projections for 4 life performances, synchronized to soundtrack


Paradeplatz Zurich
architectural light sculpture - Credit Suisse headquarters
produced by Pani/Austria


City Center Skyscraper Leipzig
architectural projections in occasion of WM -Final Draw
produced by Pani/Austria


Philadelphia City Hall Illumination
architectural light sculpture
Philadelphia Holiday Festival/ Center City District
produced by ArtLumiere


„Moving Staircase“, Marshall Fields State Street, Chicago
animated projections synchronized to soundtrack
moving light programming by Michael Murnane
produced by ArtLumiere


CAMP 05 Stuttgart
international festival for visual music and klangkunst
projects with Fried Dähn, Antonio Jorge Goncalves, Hägar, Günther Heinz, Jörg Koch, Gustavo Matamoros


Municipal Gallery Lahr
Exhibition and architectural projection


„Urban Space Theater“
Architectural projections at the National Theater Mannheim


Sculptures de Lumières, Genève
architectural projections in occasion of merger of Crédit Agricole Indosuez with Crédit Lyonnais
produced by Arts Opera Promotion and Cité Lumière Production


Feel the Fascination III“ Mercedes Event Center Sindelfingen
Integrated large format video-scroller-laser-projections,
synchronized to soundtrack


Pavilhao Atlântico Lisboa/Portugal
Indoor panoramic architectural projections
produced by Public Art, Lisboa with Pani/Austria


Peter Dvorsky International Music Festival, CZ-Jaromerice nad Rokytnou
„Prophecy of Libuse" by Bedrich Smetana
Animated architectural projections and fireworks for live concert:
Producer: Ars Koncert, Brno
Idea + Fireworks: Jaroslav Stolba/Flash Barrandov, Prague


LichtRaum Dom
Indoor animated illumination of Cologne Cathedral
in occasion of Chorfestival 2004
(ChorverbandPueri Cantores and Kölner Dommusik)


Seaside Congress-Hotel Complex Abu Dhabi, UAE
Architectural projections


“Feel the Fascination II” Mercedes Event Center Sindelfingen
Integrated large format video-scroller-projections,
synchronized to soundtrack

Fête des Lumières Lyon
„Tissage Automatique“
Animated architectural projection show on Cathédrale Saint-Jean;
10,5 minutes loop synchronized to soundtrack
production: Arts Opera Promotion
Urban landscaping illumination Cathédrale Saint-Jean - Basilique Fourvière - Palais de Justice

LUMINOCITY Cleveland/Ohio
Architectural projections at Cleveland Trust Building
for Cleveland Public Art
production: Arts Opera Promotion


The Cloth of Forst
Architectural projection in public art project with citizens of Forst;
Overall concept and direction: Spacewalk


Sound & Light at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
New visualization: large format projection and lighting
synchronized to soundtrack
in cooperation with HORIZON, Cairo


Illumination tribute to 8 innovators launching tour Audi A8 in USA
architectural projections
produced by Arts Opera Promotion
Gotham Hall New York
Biltmore Hotel Miami
Dallas Symphony Hall
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
City Hall Beverly Hills Los Angeles
Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston


Melanchthonhaus Bretten
Architectural projection
in occasion of the museum's reopening


Feel the Fascination - Mercedes Event Center Sindelfingen
Architectural projection; animated large format and video projection;
6 theme sequences synchronized to soundtrack,each 1-2 minutes duration


Marseille Hôtel de Departement 13
Architectural projection
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris


Wilson Building Washington DC
Architectural projection/light sculpture
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris


Spa & Wellness
Salt Cascade Reiter Alm/Ainring
architectural projection, video, 15 minutes loop, permanent installation
Exhibition Interbad Düsseldorf
animated large format projection, 18 minutes loop


May Tower, Castle Hill Tübingen
architectural projection/light sculpture


Wilson Building Washington DC
Architectural projection/light sculpture
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris


Dana Discovery Center, Central Park New York City
Architectural projection
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion


„Art into Town“, Lahr/Black Forest
Architectural projections
Exhibition in the municipal gallery


„Quart“, Opening of the Museumsquartier Vienna
animated architectural projections, synchronized to soundtrack
concept, direction, composition:Robert Spour, Vienna


„Visions of Architecture“, Salzburg
Architectural projections, Panoramic stills in occasion of the opening of Makart Bridge 


Water Tower Luzern 
Light sculptures on the occasion of the festival „Science et Cité“
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion


The Dream of Flying and Evolution of Transport
animated large format projection synchronized to soundtrack
in occasion of the opening of the CargoLifter hangar in Brand/Berlin
in cooperation with TRIAD Berlin


Piazza Italia
Architectural projection in Wolfsburg
Atmospheric urban light design for Istituto Italiano di Cultura


Club Maria Stuttgart
Architectural projection on Gustav-Siegle-Haus (arch. Theodor Fischer, 1920)
in occasion of the opening of Club Maria


Venerable historical monument - contemporary night-fair or night-mare?
Architectural projection on the previous State Bank-building at the city hall square Hamburg


„Museum in Focus“ in the Open-air Museum Salzburg
associative discovery of the museums' treasures
permanent multivision show in the Rieder barn
11,5 minutes synchronized to soundtrack, 14 large format and 478 small format pictures


„art. Also for kids“ Museum of Locks and Fittings, Velbert
Interaktive laser installation visualizing tones


Vienna Ice Dream 2000
Architectural projection on the city hall of Vienna, backdrop for a temporary (6 weeks) ice-rink


Night of New Years Eve Marketplace Reutlingen
Architectural projections on 7 facades, synchronized to sound track


Stockholm Water Festival
"Urström" Saga
Architectural projections on the Royal Castle , synchronized to soundtrack,
3-D-laser by Jan Kriland + Bo Andersson, Music composed by Örjan Strandberg


Official Participants Meeting EXPO 2000 Hanover
„Journey around the world"
Architectural projections on an oval temporary indoor architecture accompanying a live show


„Le Roi David“ oratorio by Arthur Honegger in Ellwangen
Architectural projections as stage sets for a live performance (choir and orchestra)
in cooperation with bits n' ! arts, Stuttgart for concept and design


Festival der Regionen in Grein/Austria
„Experiencing the Future", Architectural projections on the Castle of Grein as one stage of the theatre journey„Stream Lines" on the river Danube


Bolero in Regensburg
Stage sets for a ballet dancers' performance, Laser and architectural projections synchronized to sound track


„Buch & Kunst“ in Dresden
Architectural projection (still scenery) in occasion of the opening of a new bookshop


„Job Opera" Cloud of Sound Festival Linz/Austria
Architectural projections on 2 facades of a high-rise building, synchronized to sound track
Music composition and video by Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour, Vienna


„Springtime in Vienna“ at the Vienna Hofburg
Indoor architectural projections in the ceremony hall, decoration in occasion of a Gala dinner


„Industrial Garden“ Bauhaus Foundation Dessau
Laser landscape connections departing from the power station Vockerode


Children's Museum Stuttgart
Interactive laser installation visualizing the forms of sound


CeBIT Hannover
Laser prism for Telekom/Germany


Award for Innovation Berlin-Brandenburg in Berlin
Architectural projections on technical inventions in occasion of the awarding ceremonies, synchronized to sound track


„Prospectives" in Salzburg/Austria
Architectural projections on the ancient archiepiscopal residence, synchronized to sound track
in occasion of Salzburg's listing as World Cultural Heritage


„KunstÜberLeben“ Festival der Regionen in Linz/Austria
Architectural projections as a part of an outdoor multimedia event on the main plaza.
Musical interactive composition, computer play and video by Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour, Vienna


Incentive Debis Systemhaus in Dresden
Interactive laser installation and show in cooperation with Aton Multivision, Krefeld


Product Placement Event Sabanci-Danone in Istanbul
Laser and projection on high-rise building in cooperation with Bela, Munich


Opening Ceremony of the Gulf Football Cup in Muskat/Oman
and National Day Celebrations in Sur/Oman
Overall production, architectural projections and laser to sound track and live performances


„Unveiling the Reichstag“ in Berlin
Projection of a view of the Reichstags building on the Reichstags building veiled at that time by the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude
in cooperation with Peter Eitle, Tübingen


„Immateriaux" in New York (Kenkeleba Gallery) and
Linz/Austria (Neue Galerie)
Interactive laser installation and performance. 2 phase of a work in progress,
Electronic sound track and musical live performance on the interactive laser instrument by Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour


Orbis Fictus - new media in contemporary arts, National Gallery Prague
Interactive laser installation Dotyk/Touch  in cooperation with David Cajthaml, Praha


IFA Berlin
Interactive laser installation for Telekom/Germany.
Sounds by Peter Böhm, Vienna, set by Corinne Schweizer, Vienna, Pictographs: Ulrich Franz, Reutlingen


Nederlands Dans Theater Tournee
in 8 cities. Laser stage set, with Martin Müller


Ars Electronica opening concert „Der geklonte Klang“ in Linz Brucknerhaus
Interactive laser instrument for the KRONOS Quartet,
Slide-projection. Composition: Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour.
Development laser instrument with Kurt Walz, Crailsheim